March 4

Well, all good things must come to an end. 

This week wasn't amazing.  It was actually full of some super fun highs and some bummer lows. 

The biggest bummer, for us, was that our LSU student left today.  Have I mentioned recently how much I like people?  For good and bad, I like people.  And, I like my kids to have lots of people in their lives who like them.  This LSU exchange was exactly that.  Carson's Louisiana family fell for my sweet little man.  We fell for theirs.  I love that our family has expanded beyond Panama and California and Illinois to Louisiana. And Florida.  And Virginia.  And West Virginia..  But, lots of people to love means lots of goodbyes to say.  And we had to let Niles go back home today.

Carson absolutely loved getting to have a brother for 2 weeks.  I know it's silly, but there will always be a piece of me that feels like I failed because he only has sisters.  It has brought me joy unmeasured to watch Niles and him just be guys together.

The girls also loved having Niles here.  We've had ice cream and burgers and laughed until we were crying about nothing.  And we loved every minute of it.

The past two weeks were too fast and too fun, but I am so glad we got to have them.

To being an extrovert and thankful that I am,


Anonymous said…
To loving well and embracing all!!
panaMOM said…
OOOOOOOO!!! I like that!! Stealing it for another time!!!

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