Three-Thing Thursday!

Since it's been 7 days since I last blogged, we're going to go with 3 things from the last week!

1.  Running Away with Tony!

Life has been a tinch stressful, so I asked it we could run away together.  Tony not only said yes, but also decided that Chloe was old enough to stay home with the other kids.  That's a total blessing because she can also deal with the dog which is a major issue!

We stayed in a lovely hotel with the most amazing view.  I don't need roses or champagne, but Tony likes to spoil me with those.  I just wanted to exhale with my husband.  It was a success!

2.  Booking our Summer Vacation!

Three states,  Five flights. 2 camps.  1 AP summer institute.  33 days.

I am so excited that we are getting back to Georgia this year!  My heart feels most at home in GA, and I'm ready to be back with my people there.  The best part of the Georgia portion is that Tony will be with us the whole time.  That means we are actually going to get a family vacation during summer- a rarity with our crazy, busy schedule.

3. Training is Back!

Our trainer has had a busy month of travel, and last week she was in the US for the whole week.  It was a glorious week of sleeping in until 5:30.  I was living large.  But, all restful things must end, so Chloe and I are back at it at 4:20.  I'm happily sore and ready to feel strong again!

*A note about the move.  It's still happening on May 22nd.  We just don't have a signed contract, so I don't want to post anything specific.  I know it's annoying.  It is for me, too!*-


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