The Little Things

I am a lover of the little things.  

A small gesture can make my day brighten.  My favorite part of a rainstorm is when the sun peaks out in the middle.  It's amazing to me how the smallest ray of sunshine illuminates the sky.

Today, Carson brought me my much-needed little thing.

I had to take him to piano lessons during the middle of a serious thunderstorm.  We arrived at his teacher's house just as she arrived home from an afternoon of teaching lessons at the church.

I dropped him off, told him his dad would bring him home, and I started to back out.

But, something stopped me.

I looked up to see him running into the carport to avoid the rain.  Then, I saw him come around the car to ask if his teacher needed him to carry anything.  She must have said yes, because I saw him take a plastic bag from her.

The interaction brought me the biggest smile.  My son was being a gentleman.  Just because.  He didn't know that I was looking.  There was no prize to be won.  He just did it.  

To celebrating a parenting win,


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