Update! End of Week One!

Me:  What was your favorite part of the week??

Camilla:  I liked math.  It was really fun, and I was working with a fun person.

Chloe:  Getting my own computer and meeting new friends.  I'm trying not to sound cheesy.

Coraylnn:  My favorite part of this week was the snack and the lunch.  And the plaground.

Carson:  Today's first recess because my teacher played with us.

Me:  What most surprised you about this week?

Camilla:  That I actually liked math

Chloe:  How hard it is to work locker

Coralynn:  That my teacher forgot stickers today.

Carson:  That I got the teacher I wanted.

Me:  What are you most looking forward to about this school year?

Camilla:  Art and photography (ECA)

Carson:  Extra curricular activtites

Chloe:  Spanish

Coralynn:  I'm most looking forward to one thing, like, next week, like Monday, we're going to start playing with ipads.

Me: What has been the hardest thing about transitioning from home school to the Met?

Carson:  UNIFORMS!!

Chloe:  The school day is a LOT longer!

Coralynn:  It's hard to think about how bad school is going to be and then you see the room and you're like "yay! yay! yay!"  (I wish you could have seen the dance that accompanied that statement.  And the eye rolling as she told me not to talk about it on the blog.)

Camilla:  I don't know.  It hasn't been very hard.


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