First Day of School!!

Morning y'all!!

Have I mentioned that all the kids went back to school this year??  Originally, we were just going to send Chloe back, but then- and I'm still not entirely sure how- we made the decision that they all would return to a traditional school setting.  Yesterday, we met the new teachers, and this morning they were off to school.  I had to share pictures from this morning!  Enjoy!

Coralynn Mae.
5 years old.

Camilla Rose
9 years old.
4th grade.

Carson David
11 years old.
6th grade.

Chloe Marie
13 years old.
8th grade.

My heart.
Wearing school uniforms.

Tony Linford.
35 years old.
162nd month of work.

Cosita and Coralynn.

 Thinking she's leaving, too.

Wondering where everyone went.


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