40-Day Challenge

Happy New Year!! I spent yesterday destroying the children at Skip Bo!  Woohoo!!

Our trip to Disney is now 39 days away, but we decided on New Year's Eve what our individual and family 40-day challenges are going to be.  The original idea for these challenges was Chloe who loves a resolution.  At the same time, Tony and I had just finished watching a show about living like someone else for 30 days.  It inspired us that we needed to make some changes.  Poof!  The 40-day challenge was born.

I won't be blogging everyday (because that would be its own challenge), but I will post regularly so you can keep us accountable.  Some of us have dos and don'ts.  Others just have dos or don'ts! Without further adieu, here are our challenges...

Family Challenge:

Do:  Every Monday evening has become Spanish night.  Everyone must speak only in Spanish.  This potentially makes for a very quiet Monday.

Don't:  No more eating out for the next 40 days.  I. Am. Going. To. Die.  This is both a health and a financial challenge.  After our splurge-y trip to Vegas and our upcoming trip to Disney, we've spent more money than normal.  (All out of funds.  No debt.  Ever.  That's the life challenge.)  This has taught me that I'm willing to spend less - lots less- in some areas so that we can travel more.  Cutting back on dining frees up more money to save for trips, and the health benefits will be an added perk!

Individual Challenge:

Do:  Spend 20 minutes a day in focused prayer.  Not while driving.  Not while running.  Not as part of Bible study.  20 minutes of complete devotion to prayer.

Lisa (Me!):
Do:  Exercise (at least 15 minutes) a day- everyday.  (I should have made my Word of the Year I. Am. Going. To. Die.)
Don't:  No chocolate.  (See?  Really I. Am. Going. To. Die.)

Do/Don't:  Eat an entirely vegan diet.

Do: Practice the bass guitar 15 minutes every day.
Don't:  No teasing his sisters.  (In his defense, I think he takes more teasing than he dishes out, but I so respected his choice of this that I let it go.)

Do:  Read 17 minutes a day.  (I have no explanation for her current love affair with the number 17.)

Do:  Brush twice a day.  Once right when she gets up in the morning, and once before bed.
Don't:  No waking up the siblings when Little Miss Early Bird gets up.  (Everyone is super supportive of this goal.)

So, there you have it!!!

After the end of Day 1, we have all successfully completed the challenge.  I will admit to crying about the fact that I have to make every meal for the next 40 days.  This is pitiful, but true.  After I got done crying, I was going to have some Reese's Pieces to make it all better.  Chloe reminded me of the no-chocolate portion of my challenge.  Thanks, dear.  More crying.

Today has brought better outlooks, and there is a chance that we might all survive this!  Talk to you soon!


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