Word of the Year!!

It's that time of year again- when the year ends and a new year begins!!  And, that means it's time for our annual "Word of the Year."  I've been so busy playing that I had almost forgotten about this tradition, but during a time of prayer, the Lord brought it back to me.

Originally, I thought my word was going to be live because I want to live every moment of 2015.  Oh, speaking of that, did I mention that we're going to ...

(isn't Coralynn's handwriting getting good!)

Originally, Tony and I planned to go to Dubai for our anniversary, but after some prayer, we decided we'd do two smaller trips.  Vegas was all about romance.  Disney is all about family.  

Of course, then, live was the perfect word.  I've also been upfront about dealing with depression and anxiety, and I wanted this year to be the end of those so I wanted to focus on living.  As I prayed, though, the Lord kept bringing another word to me, healing.  

Interesting word.


As I prayed through that word, I began to hear God's heart for me.

I'm way too black and white.  Way too straightforward.  I like to accomplish one thing before I start on the next.  I remember in college spending 12 straight hours writing a paper because I didn't want to lose the momentum. Then, when it was done, I would move on to the next assignment.  I try to live my life that way.  Accomplish this task.  Move onto another. Super linear.  

I'd really like my spiritual life to work the same way.  Discover issue.  Work through issue.  Issue over.  Move on to the next. After all issues and hurts have been successfully overcome, living may begin.

Ok, now that I see it typed out, I realize the folly in that line of thinking.

This year, my word is a phrase.  I'm giving myself permission to break the rules.  You know, cuz it's my blog and all.  This year my Word of the Year is Live Healing.  Life isn't about everything being fixed or right or accomplished or done before beginning the next task.  Life is about living in and through the hurt and weakness and wounds.  In that living, healing can blossom and grow and flourish.

So, although my life is far from perfect (laughing at the thought it ever will be), I am going to live.  I am going to laugh and love and have joy while I walk deeper into the heart of the Father who brings total healing.  I'm not going to wait for perfect anymore.  (did you just hear Tony exhale- loudly?)  

2015- Live Healing

(And stayed tuned for tomorrow.  Tony, the kids and I are going to start a 40-day challenge.   We leave for Disney in 40 days, and we're challenging ourselves to individual goals!)


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