Where There's a Will

I'm so thankful for friends who find a way.

My life (like everyone else's) is busy.  I actually sat down last week and created an Excel spreadsheet weekly planner.  It's even color coded.  I sent it to Tony so he could tell me how amazing I am to juggle so much so effortlessly.  He told me that I did a nice job with Excel.  Close enough, right?

As I sat down trying to figure out where to schedule Spanish classes for myself, I wanted to cry.  Baby ballet, speech, basketball, youth group, grocery store, church, workout, school.  Everything takes up so much time.  I'm not an I-feel-important-when-I-am-busy kind of person.  This isn't what I want my life to look like, but I've come to accept it as a reality for this season of life.  At some point, my kids will be driving and grown and married and away, and I'll have the happiest lull in the schedule.

Until then, I'm not ready to give up me.  And me is an extrovert.  An other adults extrovert. 

I looked at my schedule again.  I emailed my bestie.  We found an hour early on a Friday morning to schedule a chat.  I saw a Panama friend a few days later.  We figured out we could chat and exercise at 7:45 in the morning.  It was better than nothing.  And on it went, carving out little moments in our over-scheduled lives to keep relationships nourished. 

That pretty schedule of mine has served to make me value each minute.  Yesterday, I had a 10-minute conversation with a precious 13-year-old. It made my spirit smile.  The night before, I got to spend some unexpected quality time with my other favorite 8th grader.  Small segments of time that normally are wasted now become prime opportunities for conversation.  And my busy life has produced the most fertile soil for true relationship building.  No one has time for 2-hour long play dates anymore, but I'm loving this season of intentional relationship building.

And, who knows, I might get in better shape in the process!

With always enough time to love,


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