LegoLand California!

(Apparently, I caused some concern with my casual mention of Chloe's trip to the ER.  She accidentally dropped a work-out weight on her cheek so we headed down for some x-rays.  All was fine!)

Our first full day of vacation was spent at LEGOLAND in Carlsbad.  Before we left for our trip, I had read some very mixed reviews about LL, and we almost made the decision not to go.  I am SO glad that we went because we had the best time.  The combination of beautiful weather and small crowds made for a great 7 hours at the park!

This little girl slept very hard after a long day of traveling.  She was beyond amazingly behaved at LegoLand.

Feet at LegoLand

Dad and Mom/
Grandpa and Grandma

Camilla rocking the sunglasses.

Our first rollercoaster- Coralynn was such the coaster girl!


Becoming a movie poster!

Grandma and Camilla

My people!

Racing up the tower!

Mommy and Carson!

It's absolutely amazing what all they made with Legos!  Here's the Sydney Opera House.

The Statue of Liberty.

R2D2 with Camilla (who isn't made from Legos)

My girlies with "Master Yowa"

Millennium Falcon

My favorite Jedi!

The Hollywood Bowl!

uh-oh!  Looks like the ladies got themselves in trouble!
So pitiful!

The cutest jouster ever!

Big slide!

Camilla's pretty fast on that!

Bits' driving school!  She was so fast she got a flat tire!

My crew!

Grandparents with the Cs!


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