My Birthday!!

(was Saturday!)  Here's the pictorial review of my birthday evening!

After a lovely dinner out, we came home, and I was sequestered to my room while they set everything up.  I came into the living room, and they kids and Tony jumped up from behind the couch, yelled, "Happy Birthday!", and threw balloons in the air!  Fun!!  For the first time ever, Tony took the kids to choose presents for me.  Normally, I'm not one who "needs" presents, but this special treat did make my birthday extra special!

Coralynn selected silver metallic nail polish.

Camilla got me a travel mug and a new grater.

We somehow managed to not get pictures of the older kids with their presents, but here is the whole lot of gifts!  Adidas running shirt from Tony, chocolate bar and makeup bag from Chloe, Pyrex measuring cup and gold earrings from Carson, plus the gifts from the little girls!  I loved it all!

I requested something chocolate, peanut butter, and vegan as my birthday dessert.  Chloe and Camilla spent most of the morning making this yummy, yummy pie for me!


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