I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but last weekend Tony and I flew to Miami and joined friends from Georgia on a cruise to the Bahamas.  We've had this in the works for a few months, and we had such an amazing time.  It was just 4 days (and not nearly long enough), but a wonderful time of getting to reconnect with each other and some of our dearest friends!  Our trips to the States are great at keeping in touch with "old friends," but being able to completely focus on friendship was a fabulous use of a weekend!

We left our house a little before 4am to be able to catch the flight and the boat in Miami.  We left the Port of Miami around 4:00pm and spent a few hours enjoying the boat.  Then, it was time to get cleaned up for dinner.  After dinner we enjoyed a few "game shows" and then we watched the main production, "Divas."  It was an excellent first night that lasted well into the morning!

By 10am, the boat had ported in the beautiful Bahamas!
On our last cruise, Chloe took a picture of her feet in every location, so we had to take this picture in honor of her!

Tony and Me! 
(the Carnival Imagination is behind us)

Angie and Me!
Angie and I met several years ago at a Welcome Back Homeschoolers Roller-Skating Party. (I'll let you use your own imaginations as to what kind of rip-roaring time that party is.) We instantly clicked, and I've been privileged to count her as one of my closest friends ever since.

Tony and Pete!
Don't let the "man space" fool you.  These two are good friends, too!

In front of the ship!

We spent the morning shopping at the famous Nassau Straw Market, and then we headed back to the ship for lunch and to prepare for our afternoon excursion: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Snorkeling!

Tony and Me!
Tony looking like the natural paddle boarder.  (It must be nice to be a natural athlete.  I certainly don't share the trait!)

Angie and I paddle boarding.  (Before I fell off my board and had to be "rescued" because I was tired of fighting against the current that everyone else conquered. No shame!)

Back on board!

Our second night on the cruise gave us the opportunity to enjoy Elegant Night.  I'm pretty sure Tony and I like nothing more than an opportunity to get dressed up!  We loved the every-night-is-date-night aspect of the cruise, and getting to spend so much time with Pete and Angie made everything perfect!

Posing in front of the famous Carnival Funnel! 
Gorilla Towel Art- the highlight of any cruise!

Sunday was our final day on the cruise and a full day at sea.  We spent most of it reclining on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful conversation!

(Carnival has earned a lot of bad press this year, but we had an amazing cruise experience!)

Sun time!
After a few hours of sun and talking and football and napping, it was time to get ready for our last night on the ship.  We headed up to the top decks to catch some pictures at sunset!

The front (whatever the real nautical term is- I have no idea) of the boat!

Tony and Me!

Pete and Angie!

We spent the last (non-sleeping) hours of the cruise watching football and celebrating Tony's birthday!

He selected this white chocolate creation that was amazing!


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