VBS- Final days. Finally.

I need a seat belt or a safety rope or something.  I keep falling off the blog!  Between homeschooling the kids, taking Bits to speech therapy, and having important conversations with Tony, I just let the blog go.

But, VBS was SO amazing this year that it is definitely worth sharing the final pictures and words. 

Thursday of VBS is always water day.  I know that everyone doesn't share my love of water day, but I think it so much fun.  I guess I'm one of those people who just loves watching kids being kids.  Life is tricky for kids so getting to spend 25 minutes playing with water and slides just seems like a trip back to innocence.  They all have so much fun playing.  And kids playing makes me happy.

Camilla and her friend, Isabelle

Chloe and her friend, M

Carson taking on the Slip and Slide.

Chloe losing to the Slip and Slide.

Camilla and the Water Slide (love that face)

The Original Blond Squad: Grayce and Camilla

My extra assignment on Thursday of VBS week was to make cotton candy.  I had no idea what a total mess that would be, but the team that Mrs. Beth put together to help me made the experience the most fun!  Team Cotton Candy Rocked!
By Friday morning of VBS week, we were tired!  VBS is exhausting fun! Staying with friends is exhausting fun! And living out of a suitcase for a month is just exhausting! 
I woke up Friday morning to find Coralynn all cuddled in bed with us.  I have no how or why she was there, but it was definitely precious!

Tony snapped this picture of me doing my actual job as "Worship Rally Leader." 
I can honestly say that those 20 minutes I spend each morning for the week are the highlight of my year.  I simply love doing it.  The fun.  The kids.  The Jesus focus.  I love it.

Camilla and crew getting a turn to be on stage!  Stand Strong Girls!

Me and Tony.
This man is the love of my life, and I can't thank him enough for allowing us to return to Georgia each year to participate in VBS.  Not many husbands would spend the $$$$ and the vacation days necessary to fulfill my "need" to be at Vacation Bible School.  He always makes sure he is back by Wednesday so he can spend a few days helping and so that he can see the big finale performance of Friday night.  Tony, I love you!

Camilla with one of her "first" Georgia friends, Katie.  Love these girls!

Bits enjoying a snow cone.  (I was also on Team Snow Cone!  Those girls were amazing!)

Team Us on Friday night after the Musical Finale and a week of VBS.  I love this crew more than words can describe!  (And, I totally miss wearing the hair extensions.   May just have to start pulling them out for a trip to the store!)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for taking the time to write about the week of VBS and your sweet words about our family. What a great week it was and great wife and mom you are! I love you.

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