I need a live-in


Last night, the 6 of us were cuddled up on the couch watching NCAA basketball.

Everyone had a buddy or two.

Chloe, Tony and I were cuddled in the corner of the sectional.

Coralynn and Cosita were snuggled under a blanket toward the middle of the couch. 

Camilla had Carson forced up against the arm of the couch as she cuddled with him against his will.  (The funniest 10 minutes of recent memory occured directly after me telling Carson he had to cuddle with Camilla- quite possibly the world's most cuddly person.) 

For 35 minutes or so, we all sat there, together watching a basketball game.

It reminded me how blessed I am to get to be in these people's lives.

No, we weren't doing big, important, or amazing things for the world's greater good.

We were just being us.  Peaceful, nothing pressing us.

I wish I had a photograph of the moment.


Jen said…
I have often thought I wish I could get a picture of this but I don't want to move and miss out on it so I don't have pictures. My most recent "wish I had a pic" was last night. Dan wasn't home and Leah asked me to braid her hair before bed so it would be curly today. While I was braiding her hair, Ben crawled up onto the back of the chair with a brush and started doing my hair. So wish I could have a pic to record that moment.
panaMOM said…
LOVE that moment!! I often myself praying the Lord would allow me to forever remember a moment, a look, a smell, an emotion.

Thank you for sharing! It made me smile!! (and miss you!)
Elizabeth said…
A memory can speak more than a thousand words!

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