A Little Testimonial

From me!

I made the decision to hire a personal trainer for myself because I was having trouble finding the motivation I needed to get to the gym.  Also, I have a couple of problem areas on my body that I wasn't have good success of getting rid when I was running consistently so the trainer seemed like a good option.  Tuesday was our first day, and we will be meeting 2 hours a week for the next few months.  On Tuesday, we learned that I'm pitifully out of shape.  In particular, my core muscles are pathetic and my balance is embarrassing.  I haven't been running lately, but I was amazed at just how out of shape I was.  And Wednesday morning I woke up with sore muscles where I didn't know I had muscles!

Yesterday, she did my body measurements.  I've never had those done before, but I was very excited to see the results. Or maybe scared is a better word considering my woeful performance from Tuesday. She measured my overall percentage of body fat at 19%.  At first, I was totally bummed.  Being almost 1/5 fat struck me as not very good.  My trainer informed me that she was very surprised at my number because anything below 20% is considered low (which, in this case, is good.)  She said that most of her tall, thin clients have much higher percentages.  (Did ya catch that?  You can be thin and mostly fat!  Again, thin, in and of itself, does not equal healthy.)

We talked for a few minutes about the number, and then we went on with the workout.  When Tony came to pick me up, I asked her to tell him about the numbers.  Yes, I'm a three-year-old who needs to be patted on the head and told "Good job."  She told him that she was 100% confident that the low body fat score was absolutely because of the plant-based, real food diet.  Even with being as out of shape as I am, my body fat is low because of diet alone.  Diet alone!  Are you all hearing this?  Diet alone!

I've suddenly found not only the motivation to hit the gym, but I've also found a new motivation to continue to clean up my diet.

This vegan eating thing works!


Elizabeth said…
Totally lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks just from diet changes (cut out the processed sugar that had crept into my life during "survival mode") and I feel great.
I'll pat your head and tell you good job if you'll return the favor! :)

Good job!!!

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