Still Here.

I promise I haven't fallen off the earth!

Normally, my busy is fairly low key because I hate being busy.  Hate it, but this year, I seem to be struggling with the just-too-muches.

Between kid stuff, husband stuff, tutoring stuff, mommy stuff, and Spanish stuff, I just have too much stuff to do.  And, I have too much stuff.

And, when I feel overwhelmed, I sort. 

Do other people do this?

Two weekends ago, I took 13 trashbags and 15 WalMart sacks worth of stuff to a friend's house for her friend's community rummage sale.

It felt so good that I decided to remove everything from every surface in my house.

Wow- did that create one serious deep breath!

Then, my parents came for Thanksgiving, and I had to pause my purge. (More on their visit later. Short version: Delays, traffic, migraines, and more!)

They left yesterday morning, Tony and I spent the day together (AKA- long nap), and by last night, I had reorganized the pantry, my closet, the bathroom shelves, and my email inbox.

This morning I've been checking the "annoyings" off the to-do list.  Does your list get overwhelmed by the "annoyings"- those 5 second tasks that pile up because they're just so annoying?

I changed ink cartridges, made a phone call, sent some emails, and checked some online accounts.

I feel like I'm coming for mental air.

I made some breakfast cookies that Carson has been requesting for weeks.  I'm all ready for this afternoon's tutoring session. 

Ahh.  Deep breath. My house is spotless.

Oh wait.  I haven't purged the hall closets.  I need to do that.

I need to do that now.  Like, right now.

Chat later!


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