A Must Read.

Okay.  I'm not a reader by nature.  I don't mind reading, but I certainly will find lots of other ways to burn time before I decide to read.  I do have a kindle, though, and I enjoy reading on airplanes so I keep my eyes open for book recommendations.

I almost exclusively read Christian autobiographies and biographies.  I don't love fiction in any form-To Kill a Mockingbird and Frankenstein the exceptions.  Several weeks ago, I was online when I saw a recommendation for a book.  I have no idea which website I was on that recommended it, but it captured my attention.  And it's secular nonfiction, but I was intrigued by the title.

I ordered the book.  In paper form.  I love actual books.  The kindle is nice because it's hard to get English-language books here and bringing them from the United States is heavy, but I ordered it.  It was delivered to my brother, and I got it while I was in Los Angeles.

I finally finished it.  I. Loved. It. And, I had to recommend it to you.

As a bit of a disclaimer, it has some bad words in it, and it dapples into evolutionary processes if that is objectionable to you, but neither of those cause any difficulty in reading the book.

Born to Run is about a casual runner's journey to ultradistance running and a tribe in Mexico. 

The book is just so good.  It made me want to go for a run which I hadn't done in weeks and finally did just a few hours ago. 

So, anyway, I'm not getting any kickback.  There's no ad money here.  I just loved the book, and I wanted to recommend it to you.

Now, not only do I want to run more, I want to read more.  What book recommendations do you have?


Anonymous said…
I just read Full Disclosure. It is Christian fiction, romance by
Dee Henderson. When Dee was born,her father was the pastor
at my church. She also has a great series about the O'Malleys.
The first one in that series is The Negotiator. I love reading
something that was written by someone I know.

Karen Garrett
panaMOM said…
Ooo. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look it up!
Shannon said…
Hi :) I found your blog ages ago, I think through MoneySavingMom. I've continued to follow every once in a while!

Have you read Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis or Radical by David Platt? They are both amazing, although also challenging and convicting :)

panaMOM said…
Hi Shannon!!!

I've read Radical, but I completely forgot about Kisses from Katie! I'm going to add it to my amazon cart!


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