Partying Like It's 1978!

The Bits and I are celebrating while the kids are school.  Mashed banana for everyone! 

Time for the Wednesday 7- Birthday Edition!

I'm thankful for:

~My parents.  They are great in so many ways, but the one that strikes me this morning is that they never treated me like I was just a little kid.  My father is a notorious strong disliker of baby talk, but it was more than that.  I was always allowed to have a voice.  We definitely didn't always agree, but I got to be heard.  When tough or stressful things came along, the information wasn't hidden from me.   The highest compliment any of my children has ever told me came from Chloe.  During the stress of the move to Panama she pulled me aside and thanked me for "even though I'm a kid, you let me know stuff like adults know."  Feeling like you are actively involved in your own life instead of a boat in the waves is an awesome gift- and I definitely received it from my parents! 

~My big bro.  Tim and I are almost four years apart in age.  Since having my own children, I'm convinced that 4 years is one of the more difficult gaps to overcome.  We were too far apart to have similar interests, but too close for him to be the much older sibling that functions as a semi-parent.  I watch my 4-year gappers struggle for common ground.  I can actively remember this struggle within my own heart and mind.  And I remember when it stopped.  Thanksgiving 1994.  I went to visit him at college, and we got to be friends.  Friends take all the pressure of family away.  I've quoted him before, but the best advice I've ever gotten came from him.  I'm so thankful that my big brother is a great friend.  I love that he loves my kids and my husband.  I'm simply thankful for him.  (And if you knew him, you'd be thankful for him, too.)

I just received word that my grandmother passed away this morning.  If you would please be in prayer for my family, I would appreciate it.  Though it might seem odd, I firmly believe that when the heavy rains of grief come, the need to praise doesn't diminish, but grows even more valuable.  We can't understand all the whys and hows, but we can know the One whom numbers the days.  And He is worthy of praise.  (I did wait to publish this until, I believe, everyone in the family knew.)

~My husband.  I've been in love with this man (teenager) since 1995.  I'll spare you the long twisted tale and the mushy stuff, not because I don't want to say it, but because he wouldn't want you to read it.  He's the reserved to my transparent.  He's always been my strength.  My other half.  My rock.

~My Chloe.  The world's greatest child.  No comparison.  No contest.  She is.  For the Lord to choose to work so mightily in someone so young, you know that He knows who she is and will be.  I'm just grateful to get a front row seat in her life.

~My Carson.  My son.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I had a Carson David.  I am firmly convinced that God gave me this child to humble me.  And Carson has always been the other half of my heart.  We look at the world with the same vision.  We react with the same explosive passion.  We both hurt deeply beneath our hard shell.  Carson is more protective of me than anyone ever has been.  He's my little man, and I'm so thankful he is.

~My Camilla.  God was so gracious to give me a child who just loves life.  Her silly shyness makes the whole world seem simpler.  Less scary.  Her shy braveness always takes my breath away.  She is obedient and mischievous to the core- traits she gets from her Daddy!

~My heaven Baby.  3 years ago today I became pregnant with baby number four.  15 weeks later, I released him to heaven.  No single moment has had a greater impact on my life.  I am beyond blessed to have gone through the experience.  The bible clearly records that children are a blessing.  It doesn't record how long that child must live to qualify.  I confidently look to the day when I hold my second son in eternity.  I am blessed to be his mom.

~My Coralynn Mae.  My gratitude for a healthy pregnancy after the previous loss is too big to describe.  No words could express the love I have for the Bits.  The sweetest blessing, if that can even be determined, is the change in me as a mom.  I had my first baby at 23.  My last at 31.  I love the mom I am at 33.  I love that Coralynn and I get to live this together without all the stuff that comes from being a young mom.  I love that she is nothing but a joy to me as I throw away the insecurities I had nearly a decade ago.  I'm so grateful that I get to see life through her toddler vision.


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