And the Winner Is...

The Drawing Container!

The Names!

Ready for the Drawing!

And the winner is...

A big thank you to everyone who participated.  Jen and I had a great time making this possible for y'all.  And I hope you enjoyed this first giveaway.  Definitely check out JustJen82 to use your 20% off coupon code: PANAMOM20.

Glenda at Enriched-Mom!!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Lisa ... Your give away just cost me $36 LOL!! I made the mistake of showing April the site, she loves hair things now that she has short hair. April picked out 8 clips and a headband. Great stocking stuffers if I can wait that long!

Thanks for a fun shopping afternoon while I'm working :)

Aunt C
Enriched-Mom said…
Thank you so much!! Yay!
DawnT said…
Congratulations!!!! And thank you Lisa & JustJen82 for doing the giveaway!

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