Money Monday!!

(My apologies for no Funsy Friday.  Just wasn't particularly Funsy here on Friday.)

I have to tell y'all about our fabulous warehouse store find.  I've mentioned before that we buy a lot of things in bulk because the prices are better.  The problem with this is that it ties up a lot of the budget early in the month.  And since budgets are alive, the tied up money can cause some issues.  I've decided that if the savings aren't very high (more than 50 cents) or if it's not going to be used in a week or so then PriceSmart isn't the way to go.  Simply put, we want to make sure that the savings is worth the money being tied up.

I've known for some time that salsa, a staple at our house, is expensive at the normal grocery stores.  I was saddened to see that my usual PriceSmart stop carrying the big containers.  As part of my birthday celebration, we went to the other PS to check there.  (Yes, that's how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.  No shame.)

Score!!  I was so excited.  I got a little weepy.  Tony thought I was going insane.  I assured him the price difference was signifcant.  I bought two 2-packs.  Each 2-pack is $7.49.  At the grocery store, I pay $4.29 for 16 ounces which works out to $0.47 per ounce.  Each of the large bottles contains 38 ounces equaling 76 total ounces for the $7.49 or less than $0.10 an ounce!!!  That is a savings worth tieing up some money!!

OTHER EXCITING NEWS: We are going to have our first giveway this week!  I'll list the giveway Thursday morning.  And the winner will be announced during Funsy Friday.  Stayed tuned for more information!!! 


Anonymous said…
Have you used the Pace medium picante? It's pretty warm!
panaMOM said…
Coralynn can handle it. Y'all are just weak. LOL!
Anonymous said…
WEAK? Don't make me come down there and whoop up on you! :)
proudmama said…
so glad Pricemart delivered!!:)

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