I wish there were words.

I wish there was space to type them.

But the words don't do justice.  And a plethora of words won't better describe Him.

God is too great and too good to fit in a blog post.  Or in a thousand blog posts.

He doesn't just love you.  He IS love.  When He sees you, He sees His love.

It's too much to describe.  I can't do it.

I've been trying to find the perfect picture to use as a metaphor.  The perfect 1000-word picture that clearly demonstrates this kind of love. 


Tony and I had an amazing weekend of worship.  Of revelation.  Of peace.  Of  Word.  Of love.


The Lord has been spiritually prepping us for it.  Just as the Midwestern skies grow dark, and the smell of ozone takes over, and the rain lightly begins to fall, and the winds pick up, and the thunderstorm finds it full strength, our relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit has been building.

This weekend was not the culmination.  The storm didn't rage only to leave us the same. 

The peace after this storm is different.

We are different. 

Lord, keep us forever different. 

See, no words make it more explainable. 


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