It's been quite the week

I'm sorry it's been so long.

We've gotten completely unpacked.  The house is running well.  We have (scalding) hot water, wifi (in one room), and all the art on the walls.  I'll post pictures soon.

We've hosted 2 dinners, a violin recital (video forthcoming), and a surprise engagement party.

I've also walked my students- seniors- through the grief of losing their classmate's father suddenly a week before graduation.

I don't have words to describe the roller coaster.

So, I've remained quiet.

I have never been so mentally or physically or spiritually exhausted.

In theory, I'm the keynote speaker for graduation.  I was thrilled with the opportunity.  I love love the Class of 2017.  But now, I feel completely unqualified.  I've rethought my speech about 200 times. The Lord has clearly given me a phrase that is my focus.  So, I have 5 words.  If nothing else, I won't make the ceremony run long.

Sometimes, I feel like my joy didn't make it through the move.  I feel like it's sitting in a box that I've yet to unpack.  My prayer, tonight, is to find silence.  (Cue dog barking like a fool)  I want to curl up in Jesus' lap and just let him rock me.  I want Him to tell me that He's got this.  I want to be softly reminded that I don't have to understand for Him to still be in control.

But, I think that finding silence will mean falling asleep because that's all I've been accomplishing with excellence the past couple of weeks.


School is over on Thursday.
Staff goodbyes are Friday.
Graduation is Saturday.

I have no idea how Sunday will feel.  I'm not sure I'll even accept that we made it.  We finished the year.

Until prayers are answered and videos are uploaded,


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