So, I haven't blogged in months, but I refuse to miss the Word of the Year.  Especially since this year's word was a total flop.  Actually, I can't figure out what the word of the year was because I can't find the blog post.  (As an aside- I turned 38 in October.  I'm positive that is the first year as an Old Person.)


I found the post.  It was in January.  That makes sense!  (It makes no sense.)

Anyway, the word of 2016 was RUN.

I definitely ran but not in the way I wanted to.

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I ran my marriage into the ground.  I ran on fumes of exhaustion.  I ran across the country to be comfort in times of grief and fear.  And to take 4 kids to 6 different camps.  I ran from one teaching position to the next- including teaching American Government during the most confusing and, for me, heartbreaking, presidential election cycle I ever hope to experience.  I ran heartbroken as we ran head first into dealing with mental illness.  I ran into loneliness spending more time as a mentor than I did as a friend.  I ran into limbo as we prepare for a maybe move.

There was plenty of running.  I'm sure I was resting in the arms of the Father because the past two days I've mentally reviewed the year, and I know that I know that I could not have made it through this year without Him.  This year of run is not what I ordered.

So, welcome to 2017.

And, let me start with a truth.  I love Word of the Year.  But I didn't want to do one.  This year was horrible and terrible.  There were moments of joy and celebration.  But they were often hard to find.  And, I'm a little uneasy about this upcoming year.  I want to believe it's all going to be better.  My inner Pollyanna believes it is possible.  The grown up I now recognize I am is beginning to understand that we live in an incredibly fallen world.  And the hope of eternity is ultimately what we have.

And, the reason I am doing the Word of the Year?  Well, it's because for the first time ever, I'm beginning to realize that the eternal hope isn't a "last ditch, nothing-else-going, pipe dream" kind of a hope.  Instead, it is the hope that tempers that hurt, disappointment, and pain.  It's the hope that makes you play in the rain (my absolute favorite thing!)

With that, my Word for 2017 will be...

You want a drum roll?  No can do.  But I do have 4 violins, 3 classic guitars, 2 keyboards, and a bass.   Any of those make the appropriate sound?

My word is BEYOND.

I am going beyond what I see.
I am going beyond shallow interaction.
I am going beyond fear and anxiety.
I am going beyond busy.
I am going beyond easy and obvious love to ugly, real love.

Thanks to both of you who have stuck with me and the blog.

2017 is also going to be a year of blogging beyond.  Here is my goal.  One blog post every day.  I have time.  I need to take the time.  I need to process every day.  And, I need the accountability.

Let's see what happens...Together.



Lesa said…
Going beyond with you. Not sure what my word for 2017 is yet, but I'm certain 2016's word of "remnant" is one I hope to build on. Praising God with you, even during the storms.
just me said…
So happy to see you post!! Prayers for you as you reach and stretch and look and seek and commit beyond. ~ Charity

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