Day Four- That's a Big Rock!

Day four of our amazing trip to Medellin, Colombia, had us travelling outside the city again.  We drove a few hours outside the city to climb a big rock.  Guatape is a big rock with steps built on the side of it.  I'm not sure why the steps are there, but it was a must-do activity for my hiking family.

Driving up to the rock.

Explanation of the Rock.

175 steps down.  A bunch more to go.

The views are worth the effort.

450 steps!  Almost there!

Chloe, 13

Carson, almost 12

Camilla, 9

Coralynn, 5

The Three Musketeers

Mom and Dad made it, too!


The Selfie Queen

We made it!  740 steps to the top!

Incredible view!

Top of the world!

Sometimes, Chloe lets us take pictures of her.

Headed down the rock.

Better angle of the staircases on the rock.

I guess that's safe?

After the rock, we headed for lunch at the little tourist town nearby.  Chloe ordered this yummy (?) dish.


I loved this manhole cover.

After leaving the rock, we drove back to the city for some mall time.  
Hiking in the morning + mall in the evening = my favorite kind of day

Eating popcorn and watching TV while Camilla shops.

Riding the train in the mall's amusement park.

This is on the Ferris Wheel!

Okay. I have to admit that I love dance revolution, so I was very excited that I got a turn at the arcade.

What's after shopping???  Tex Mex!! 
Guacamole is a perfect ending to any day.

Super Camilla!!



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