Medellin, Colombia- Night One

We flew out of Panama City on an evening flight.  This was an amazing change to our normal 5:00am airport runs.  We got to the airport, had dinner, and waited for our flight!  (Chloe was talking with a friend who was on our flight, and Carson was charging his phone.)

After  56-minute flight, we arrived in Medellin, Colombia.  The flight was terribly rocky, but the customs, immigration, and baggage claim portion was smooth!  We made it out of the airport easily, and Tony quickly found our driver.  We headed toward the city and hotel, but we decided to stop for dinner first.  All I could think was, "We.Are.In.Colombia. Yeeeee!"  Carson was more focused on the fact it was an open-air restaurant and cold outside!

The kids have gotten great at willing trying new foods, but this restaurant ended up being similar to some places we have in Panama.  The enjoyed grilled chicken and french fries.

Did I mention how excited I was to be in Colombia??? This trip took a fair amount of convincing to get Tony to agree, but I am so glad we were able to go! 

Coralynn was exhausted.  She slept through dinner...

And checking in at the hotel.

Our amazing hotel had the coolest decor, and now I need to have the definition of love on my bedroom wall!


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