Coming Up For Air!!

First off, I have to say that moms that work outside the home have earned a new level of respect from me.  I have some dear friends who are work at home moms, and they make it look easy.  All I'm doing is taking 4 hours of Spanish a day, and I'm exhausted.  And my house looks like it!

Today, though, I only had 2 hours of Spanish, and I feel like a new person!  I was able to get caught up on my to-do list which included blogging.  So, how are we spending March?  Let me show you (in no particular order)...

We've been running!  Like actual running!  Carson and I run on Monday afternoons with some of our teacher friends.  It's been great to build relationships while building endurance in the beautiful sun of Panama!!  Also, Tony, Carson and I ran a race last Sunday.  I only run 2 miles, but I took 90 seconds off my best time.  Carson shaved 2 minutes off his time from last month running 3 miles in 23:08.  I want to run like Carson when I grow up!

We've been eating salad!  Monday is SALAD NIGHT!  After we run, everyone comes over to our house to enjoy a healthy meal.  Originally, I envisioned us have deep conversations about the things of the Lord.  Instead, we eat salad and then watch "Wipeout."   Different, but excellent.  What's better than a house full of laughter?

Okay, I still love the things of the Lord, and my extra time this month has been focused on helping make the Believe Conference a reality.  Next week, a team of 17 students from Bethel in Redding, California will head to Panama to pray over those who desire prayer.  I cannot wait to share all the amazing stories of what the Lord through His Spirit will do!

Carson and I aren't the only exercisers in the group.  Chloe and I have been heading to the gym together.  She's a super encouraging workout buddy, and I love having the opportunity to get to know her in a new way!

Spanish Intensive Brain is exponentially worse than pregnancy brain.  I have never been more exhausted at the end of the day than I have been these past 2 weeks.  But, with that said, I am going to miss Rocio, my teacher, when the class is over.  It's been an amazingly good experience.

This past Saturday night was the annual Royal Ball.  The older three kids were able to go, but I only got a picture of Camilla.  I never thought we'd live in Panama long enough that Camilla wouldn't want to be a Disney princess at the Ball.  Last year, she wore a normal church dress, but she wanted whimsical accessories.  This year, she was pure glamour.  And gorgeous.

Coralynn Mae- the Bits- was invited to a princess birthday party.  Unlike Camilla, Bitty wanted all the Disney princess she could find.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a great dress for the occasion.  She found this dress suitable, and she was thrilled to get princess hair and makeup for the full princess package.    What I see when I look at this picture is Coralynn's new smile.  She's never been good at smiling for pictures, but this past weekend, she began trying out this new smile.  
I.  Am.  Thrilled.


Anonymous said…
You all are amazing!!
Can't wait to see you.

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