40-Day Challenge- Final UPDATE!

We've packed our bags.  We've repacked our bags.  We've printed boarding passes, found passports, and double checked the paperwork.  If we can get up by 3:45 tomorrow morning, we'll be ready to go by 4:45am!

Before we head off to the "happiest place on Earth," I wanted to let you know the results of the 40-day challenge.  As a whole, the challenges were... an EPIC FAIL.  Camilla isn't an avid reader, Coralynn isn't a dedicated tooth brusher, and Carson still teases his sisters.  I refuse to comment on Tony praying everyday, because I just don't feel right talking about that.

On the plus side, however, Chloe and I did SUPER well with our challenges.  She broke her vegan challenge 2-3 times.  I'm beyond impressed with her.  I exercised as much as my ailing knee would allow.  I'm quite pleased to let you know that this morning I ran with Tony and Carson in the race that happens each month.  I had originally planned to run 3 miles with the boys, but it was just too much to ask my knee in light of the miles we'll be walking every day next week.  I happily ran two miles.  And, I'm super pleased to tell you that I did not get lapped by the hubby!  The 3-milers started about a minute before the 2 milers.  I finished about 20 seconds before Tony did.  Victory is mine!

Equally exciting to announce is the GREAT success we had with not eating out.  We had one carryout meal the entire 40 days.  That was for the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl requires "fun food."  We were so motivated by that financial savings that we also stuck to a strict grocery budget.  It was the best month- financially- we've had since I can't remember when!  YAY!!

I was so impressed with the success of the challenge that I've taken on a similar, yet different challenge for when we return.  I'll let you know all about it... after Disney!

Until then!


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