Reviewing the Past Few Weeks...

I got back form Los Angeles, and I was immediately thrown into some busyness that I didn't expect.  The good news is that November equals many Panamanian holidays which means slower days for me!  yeah!  I thought I'd just give y'all a quick update of what's been going on with us!

I was so excited to receive an upgrade to first class on my flight to Los Angeles.  We travel a lot, but I've never before experienced first class.  It was amazing.  I'm still not sure I'd pay full price for the experience, but, wow, it definitely made my 7-hour trip to California EASY!

My bff and I arrived in Palm Springs which was probably the quietest place I've ever visited.  The desert beauty was incredible.  It is hard to believe that this place is just a few hours from the chaos (that I love) of Los Angeles.

We were able to go horseback riding which is one of my favorite things.  I haven't been in years (like decades), but it was everything I remembered and loved.  (except for the sore hiney- wow, being old is tough!)

More of the beauty of the mountains surrounding Palm Springs. 

I managed to not get a single picture of Tim and Susan or LA, but know that was because we were having one of the greatest vacations ever and couldn't be bothered to pause to take photos!

Home schooling went great while I was gone, and I picked right up where Tony left off.  He really is that amazing Dad who handles being home with the kids by himself for several days without any issues.  He was able to take the time off from work, and they all had a great time together.  We've been studying flowers in botany, and the above picture is off the flower garden we made in our little co-op!

Tony's birthday was October 22, so we also got to celebrate him!  He was pleasantly surprised when the girls reminded him that he turned 35 this year, not 36.  (No comment.)  This picture is from yesterday.  Our church joined in with the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Tony and I had the privilege of planning our church's service, and Tony had the honor of bringing the sermon. It was a super heavy, but beautiful morning.

What's coming up for us?  Juice Fast.  Our diet has been a little wonky lately, and we want to get back to good health and good eating habits, so we're coming up to our 10-day fast.  I normally do a juice for breakfast, but we're going to solely juice for 10 days- just as soon as we get organized and brave enough to do it!


If it's been decades for you, it's been centuries for me! Thanks for sharing life. Congratulations to Tony; preaching and teaching must be difficult at the old age of 35!

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