Thoughts from Bed

Ok.  I've pretty much been in bed all week with a lovely viral thing.  Nothing major, but I will be happy to have restored health soon.  As I've spent entirely too much time on the computer and mindlessly sitting, I've come to a few conclusions.

1.  I am so thankful to have a fulltime maid.
This is a perk of Panama that I resisted for a long time, but I am so thankful for her.  It is great to be sick all week, and still have the all the laundry and dishes done.

2.  My kids are super easy.
Perspective makes the world go 'round, right?  Some of my kids are easier than other of my kids, but as a group they are easy peasy.  Yes, they've spent all week mastering Super Mario Bros, but they've been compliant and agreeable.

3.  People on Facebook are overly dramatic.
In full disclosure, I'm a drama queen in recovery.  I was cracking up reading statuses, pictures included, about the most amazing cheeseburger and fries.  For real?  It's a cheeseburger.  I don't mind an occasional picture and a heads up to the restaurant, but some of these statuses read like a middle-schooler's essay.  Way too many adjectives.

4.  According to the Internet, no one is capable of thinking for him/herself.
It's pretty much amazing the multitude of articles out there on the web.  Everything from why to breastfeed, how to punish children, what college degrees to skip, and where to retire.  Have we all become so reliant on being told what to do that there is now an answer for every question?  I want to know what it was like to think as an adult without the Internet telling you which way is up.

5.  Being sick is pretty much the worst.
I am so over this virus.  It's ruining my week.  We had so many plans to get ready for our trip to the States, and they've all pretty much been pushed aside by fevers and Kleenex.  I am so thankful for our normal level of health!

6.  Candy Crush only remains interesting for so long.
And thank you to those who took pity on me and gave me more lives!


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