New Year's Eve

(working backwards through the photos!)

This year, we decided to do something a little different for New Year's.  Chloe had a lock-in she could have attended, but I wanted something that focused more on our family.  As I was playing on the internet one day, I came across the idea of a New Year's Tree.  I loved the idea and adopted it for our family.

On December 30th, we spent the day taking all the Christmas decorations down and putting them away.  We left up the main tree, its lights, and the ribbon around it.  After the kids went to bed, we got to work redecorating the tree.

The final product...


There were three types of balloons: "well" candy balloons, "premiere" chocolate balloons, and "thinker" balloons.  The first two, obviously enough, were filled with different types of chocolates.  The thinker balloons required more thought.

I wrote different questions, and put them in the balloons.  The person who popped that balloon was required to answer the question.  Y'all know that I LOVE pondering so it was the highlight of my evening listening to the kids come up with their answers.
Each time zone, starting at 6pm EST, we celebrated a New Year's for a different location.  First Czech Republic, then London, next was Cape Verde, and finally (because Coralynn was falling asleep), Rio.  After we made all kinds of noise, the kids got to pop a round of balloons.
It really was so much fun to ring in 2014 in a special way!


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